USTC Delegation Visits Silicon Valley and Meets with Hundreds of Alumni and Scholars
   On October 29-30, the USTC delegation visited San Francesco and held conferences and recruitment meetings which were enthusiastically attended by over a hundred USTC alumni and scholars from the area.


   On the evening of October 29, the delegation arrived at Cupertino to meet with about 80 USTC alumni mostly from Silicon Valley, with a few from other areas, even from Seattle. A presentation was given about the latest developments of USTC, and requests were made for alumni to work for their alma mater. Liu Zhifeng, Secretary General of the Alumni Xinchuang Foundation, reported on the arrangements of special funds for alumni and indicated that his foundation would provide more services in the same manner as first-class American university alumni foundations, with an emphasis on USTC alumni living in North America.


   At the meeting, Zhang Zili (class of 814), Li Weiping (class of 776, IEEE fellow), Cui Yi (class of 9312, assistant professor of Stanford University), Cui Bianxiao (class of 9314, assistant professor of Stanford University), and Liu Zheng (class of 878) talked about their working experiences. Cui Bianxiao recently won the prestigious Packard Prize. She, together with Tang Hongxing (class of 892) and Chen Xin (class of 9108), made USTC the only Chinese university with three alumni as Packard Prize recipients. Liu Zheng shared her experience from a researcher in life science to a student of business and then to a practitioner of law. The two Stanford University professors each spoke about their academic work.


   At 7:00 p.m. on October 30, the delegation met with more than 60 alumni and local scholars at Stanford University. Professor Chu Jiaru, director of the USTC Personnel Department, made a presentation on the development and achievements of USTC. He pointed out that USTC, widely recognized for its academic accomplishments, ranks at the top of Chinese colleges and universities in the fields of physics, chemistry, space science, earth science, and materials science. USTC is set to become a first-rate university in Asia by 2018 and one of the world’s top 30 in the discipline of physics. USTC expects to recruit full-time professors through the “Thousand Outstanding Scholars Program”, “Changjiang Scholars Program” and “Hundred Talents Program” and invites young scholars to apply for its professorial and associate professorial positions. After the formal presentation, the delegation members had in-depth discussions with several dozens of scholars.


   This was the fifth recruitment meeting USTC held in the U.S. The San Francisco area has many famous universities, e.g., Stanford University and UCLA at Berkeley. The Silicon Valley is where a large number of USTC alumni live and thousands of them work in local high-tech companies. 

   (Personnel Department, Office of International Affairs and Alumni Xinchuang Foundation)

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