USTC Holds Ceremony for Appointment of Xinchuang Professorship
   USTC’s first ceremony for the appointment of Xinchuang Professorship was held in the Auditorium on the Pond on the afternoon of May 17. Present at the ceremony were Hou Jianguo, USTC President; Shi Yunyu, CAS academician; Mr. Wu Yibing, Executive Vice President of Lenovo Holding Co., Ltd.; Ms. Zhang Shuxin, chairwoman of the executive committee of the USTC Alumni Xinchuang Foundation and chairwoman of Genesis Capital Co., Ltd.; Ms. Jiang Chengyu, Chair of the Biochemistry Department of the Peking Union Medical College; Ms. Wu Xuejun, Year 2009 Chair of the USTC Overseas Alumni Foundation; Mr. Wang Zhenyu, Managing Director of Huasheng Langdao Investment Co., Ltd.; and leaders of some other organizations. Vice President Dou Xiankang served as the master of the ceremony while Professor Hou Jianguo and Mr. Wu Yibing presented the letters of appointment to Professor Pan Jianwei and Professor Bi Guoqiang, respectively.


   In his address, President Hou Jianguo extended his warm congratulations to Professors Pan and Bi on their appointments and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to alumni and the Xinchuang Foundation for their strong support. He said that the soul of a university is its great scholars. The purpose of the Xinchuang Professorship established by the USTC Alumni Xinchuang Foundation and USTC is to attract internationally recognized scholars to USTC and keep them working full time for the University with a certain amount of basic course teaching. The appointments of Professors Pan and Bi are based on thorough evaluations conducted by experts and the Xinchuang Foundation. With globally recognized scientific accomplishments, both Professor Pan and Professor Bi have a high reputation in their fields of research. 

   Professor Hou Jianguo pointed out that, compared with world-class universities, USTC’s main weakness now is its lack of great scientists and educators. The Xinchuang Professorship will help USTC attract, stabilize and foster master scholars, and accelerate its talent cultivation to a higher level. Professor Hou ended his speech by emphasizing his belief that the newly established Professorship, once effectively implemented over a period of time, will certainly play an especially constructive role in USTC’s faculty development.


   In her speech, Ms. Zhang Shuxin expressed her happiness in having the opportunity to do something meaningful for her alma mater. She was convinced that the Xinchuang Professorship would be a pacesetter in terms of the role that alumni organizations may play in talent recruitment among first-rate universities. She expected that the Professorship would contribute to the formation of a strong teaching force at USTC. 

   As a major donor for the Xinchuang Professorship, Mr. Wu Yibing sincerely congratulated the two newly-appointed professors and expressed his great appreciation for the support by the USTC leadership and the good work of the Xinchuang Foundation. Though he is now away from scientific work and fully involved in business, said Mr. Wu, what USTC taught him has stood him in good stead over the years, and for that he will be always grateful to his alma mater.


   The Xinchuang Professorship has been jointly founded by USTC and the USTC Alumni Xinchuang Foundation, with aims to strengthen the faculty development at the University, encourage outstanding domestic and overseas scholars to work for USTC, and promote the upgrading of specific disciplinary programs at the University to the world’s top standard.

   (Text by Personnel Department, photographs by News Center)

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