Master Chair Professors (Type II) Chen Changwen and Chen Xiuxiong Come to Work at USTC

   USTC established the “Master Chair Professorship (Type II)” system in June to attract high-level scholars from overseas to work at USTC regularly and help create a good environment for academic work in keeping with the latest scientific developments in the world. This system aims to enhance and optimize the knowledge structures and research capabilities of USTC faculty and promote the growth of young researchers. Professor Chen Changwen and Professor Chen Xiuxiong were the first appointed master chair professors and have completed their first stage of work at USTC.

   Professor Chen Changwen received his Ph.D. from UIUC in 1992. He is now a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo. Professor Chen has been engaged in the teaching and research in digital vision and medical imagery analysis, visual signal coding and communication, wireless communication and networks, wireless sensor networks, etc. He has undertaken a series of major research projects in those areas and made outstanding achievements, for which he was elected an IEEE Fellow and an SPIE Fellow. In 2003, he received a grant from the Outstanding Overseas Youth Fund under the Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Chen is a highly experienced teacher. Many of his students have won international prizes for best papers that were written under his supervision and he himself won the Sigma Xi Prize for Distinguished Doctoral Supervisor in 2003. 

   Professor Chen Changwen worked in the School of Information Science and Technology for six weeks from the middle of July this year after his appointment by USTC. He was enthusiastic about his duties, maintained a great interest in the School’s work, actively participated in discussions about program development and student training and put forward constructive suggestions. During his stay at USTC, he helped several young teachers in designing their research and advised a number of doctoral and master’s students in their paper preparations. He also helped USTC in successfully becoming the host of the 2010 International Conference on Visual Communications and Image Processing. In addition, he made trips on behalf of USTC to Quidway in Shenzhen, Jiaotong University in Shanghai, and Microsoft Research Asia to coordinate for academic cooperation.  


   Professor Chen Xiuxiong received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994 and is now a professor of the University of Wisconsin. He is an internationally recognized mathematician with geometric analysis as his main area of study.

   Professor Chen Xiuxiong worked in the Department of Mathematics for three months starting in mid-May. During his stay, he gave several high-level lectures and invited seven famous mathematicians from home and abroad to visit USTC for academic exchanges. Besides, through eight high-level serial lectures for senior and postgraduate students of mathematics, he expounded on the latest developments of mathematic studies in the world. At the same time, he advised young teachers and graduate students and organized seminars and a summer school of geometric analysis. More than forty students from home and abroad participated in the summer school, where teachers and students of USTC broadened their academic horizons by close communications with other scholars. 

   The “Master Chair Professorship (Type II)” system requires that an appointee perform work for an extended period of time at USTC annually within the 3-5 year term of appointment. The responsibilities of a Master Chair Professor include providing consultation in scientific research, program building, talent recruitment and training for young teachers; teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses; developing academic teams; and cooperating with USTC faculty in research projects. This system will effectively help improve the research and teaching level of USTC.

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