USTC Delegation’s Visit to the U.S.

Special website for the USTC delegation’s visit to the U.S.: http://usa.ustc.edu.cn/



A USTC delegation headed by Hou Jianguo will visit Ann Arbor, Chicago, Austin and San Francisco from May 29 to June 5, 2010. A special website for this visit was opened on May 18 (usa.ustc.edu.cn).

The USTC delegation is composed of Professor Hou Jianguo, president and CAS academician; Professor Dou Xiankang, vice president; Professor Li Weiping, dean of the School of Information Science and Technology; Professor Wu Mian, assistant to the dean of the School of Life Sciences; Professor Chu Jiaru, director of the Personnel Department; Jiang Jiajie; deputy director of the International Affairs Office; and Liu Zhifeng, secretary general of the USTC Alumni Xinchuang Foundation.

With an aim to strengthen international relations, meet with alumni and make recruitments for USTC, the delegation will visit the University of Chicago, University of California at Berkeley, and Stanford University, and meet with their presidents or vice presidents.

The USTC delegation will hold receptions for alumni and friends at the four cities on its visit.

The delegation has made careful plans for in-depth meetings with those who may be interested in working or conducting collaborative projects at USTC and detailed briefings on USTC (including compensation packages). It is recommended that appointments be made in advance to facilitate convenient meetings with delegation members.

The composition and itinerary of the USTC delegation are provided on the special website, with information (e.g., U.S. cell phone numbers) for contacting the delegation and USTC alumni associations at various cities. The website will help alumni and friends to get in touch with the delegation and follow up on their visit.

In the meantime, the USTC Alumni Xinchuang Foundation has presented a series of interviews entitled “Back to China”, in which USTC alumni talk about their experiences in returning to their motherland, and their happiness and problems encountered in their work and lives back in China (and at USTC). These interviews will provide useful information for overseas Chinese scholars with their decisions as to whether to return to academic work in China.

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