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Faculty and Staff

   The University has a faculty of 1,162 at present, of whom 450 are professors and 646 are associate professors.

    32 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering, occupying the forefront among universities in China; 9 academicians of the Third World Academy of Sciences; 

   6 national master teachers and 16 provincially- or ministry-designated master teachers; 

   8 innovative research groups supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China, 4 innovation teams designated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 6 innovation teams designated by the Chinese Ministry of Education; and 

   157 scholars under the “Changjiang Scholars Program” of the Chinese Ministry of Education, the “National Outstanding Youth Program”, or the “Hundred Talents Program” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (without concurrent counting). 


  LIU Youcheng-Academician of CAS

  ZHU Qingshi- Academician of CAS

  WANG Shui- Academician of CAS

  HE Duohui-Academician of CAE

  QIAN YiTai-Academician of CAS

  SHI Yunyu- Academician of CAS

  WU Xiaoping-Academician of CAS

  ZHOU Youyuan-Academician of CAS

  FAN Weicheng-Academician of CAS

  GUO Guangcan-Academician of CAS

  HOU Jianguo-Academician of CAS

  CHEN Guoliang-Academician of CAS

  WU Qi-Academician of CAS

  LI Shuguang-Academician of CAS

  ZHANG Jialv-Academician of CAS

  ZHANG Yuheng-Academician of CAS

  YU Changxuan-Academician of CAS

  ZHENG Yongfei-Academician of CAS

  CHEN Yu-Academician of CAS

  LI Guojie-CAE academician

  TONG Binggang-Academician of CAS

  YANG Guozhen-Academician of CAS

  SHI Yaolin-Academician of CAS

  HONG Maochun-Academician of CAS

  WU Yirong-Academician of CAS

  LI Can-Academician of CAS

  OUYANG Zhongcan-Academician of CAS

  WAN Yuanxi-Academician of CAE

  BAO Xinhe-Academician of CAS

  XU Zuyan-Academician of CAE

  DU Shanyi-Academician of CAE

  MA Zhiming-Academician of CAE   

   A list of doctoral supervisors at USTC may be found at:

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